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About Bitsladder

Education. Innovation. Technology


Who we are

We are a dedicated team that firmly believes in the power of collaboration to bridge the gaps within our community. With a shared vision of unity and progress, we recognize that by working together, we can dissolve divides and create a stronger, more connected environment for all. Our commitment to bridging these gaps through collective effort drives us to foster relationships, cultivate understanding, and champion the values of inclusivity and cooperation. Through our collaborative endeavors, we aspire to create lasting positive change that resonates throughout the entire community.



To Ensure and Develop the Sustainable Community through the continuous effort of Education, Technology and Innovation


To Strengthen the Competency of the Community being a part of the Community.


Collaboration, innovative, integrity, respect for the diversity, Accountability, Excellence


Strengthen the Knowledge of the students, Problem Solving mindset, Life Skills beyond academic engagements, Integrating learnings through ICT & Innovation, Contextualizing learnings by developing projects, Install the Value of self-sustaining community (giving back) from initial stage of education

Meet Our Team

Tej Prasad Dhamala

Director/Partnership & Outreach

Sabina Agrawal

Director/Partnership & Outreach

Ujjwal Koirala

Program Consultant

Sushma Aryal

Former Cluster Impact lead -Parsa

Ritika Jha

Teaching Assistant- Saptari

Puja Jha

Teaching Assistant- Saptari

Bhupendra Yadav

Cluster Impact Lead