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Expected Result from Innovative Learning Center



  • Improve the basic literacy and numeracy skills of students based on their grade levels
  • Equip students with knowledge and skills as defined by the curriculum and connect it with the context.
  • To develop a problem-solving attitude in the students
  • Life skills beyond academic engagements
  • Positive attitude and well-being
  • Increased independent ability to apply education & technology to learn different subjects/contents, innovate contextual solution.


  • Improved capacity in context of subject proficiency
  • Upgraded skills regarding integration of modern technology in teaching-learning process
  • Positive attitude towards their responsibilities

SMC and Local Community

  • Better understanding of the roles and responsibilities as SMC
  • Increased capacity to support and leverage different stakeholders
  • Local ownership and leadership in empowering the community

Local Youth

  • Youths channelized towards productive employment opportunities
  • Empowerment of youths with necessary knowledge, skills and mindset required for community development
  • Exposures of national and international platforms to develop leadership

Local Governance

  • Increased support towards achieving the SDG goal no. 4 and
  • Access to skilled and motivated youths that can be engaged in other activities of local government
  • Evidence based feedback for contextual policy making