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Working Methodologies


Working methodology & philosophy

Innovative Learning Center will be established in the community with the major aim of integrating technology in the learning process of students to improve their learning outcome. Innovative Learning Center will function on local ownership for its sustainability.

Major activities that will be done by ILC are:

Program Location and feasibility study

  • Stakeholders interaction to build ownership
  • Contextualizing intervention plans and activities
  • Need assessment based on surveys and studies

Setting up infrastructure and ensure resources

  • Upgrading and managing existing resources
  • Setting up new infrastructures (Lab, ICT and learning resources, Meeting spaces)

Human Resources

  • Recruitment of local youth as a prospective teaching assistant
  • Train the teaching assistant
  • Supporting Teaching Assistant for effective execution of their roles and responsibilities
  • Hiring and engaging staff, experts and consultant to execute the program

Teachers training

  • Content : To strengthen the subject proficiency of teachers to update the contemporary needs
  • ICT : Use of ICT in teaching learning process inside classroom and utilization of such resources in preparing for a vibrant and engaging classroom.
  • Management and Leadership : Teachers will be provided with training related to classroom management, pedagogy, different approaches of mentorship and teaching to become impactful teachers with an attribute of leadership

SMC Training

  • Management and Leadership to strengthen the capacity to support and leverage different stakeholders

Vocational Training

  • ProvideEmployable knowledge & skills
  • Strengthen the mindset through Life skills
  • Install the Value of self-sustainingcommunity (giving back)