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Young Professional Readiness

Fostering human capabilities first is more important than reskilling in the future of work. There is a lack of soft skills like creativity, leadership, and critical thinking in employees. Workforce needs changes by adapting hard skills and being critical to soft skills to deliver business values. To futureproof the workforce, employers rely on digital fluency and hard skills, while in reality, nothing is immune to automation. Employers need to attract top talents along with rethink learning and development and cultivate better culture to add value to the future workforce.

Some of the professionals get an opportunity to prepare themselves for the job market through technical training, apprenticeships, and job skills programs. The rapid change in the global market has made the current job market very demanding. However, the proper support system to groom the potential of an individual is very limited. For one to evolve in their engagements either in their first job or as an experienced professional they need to have the environment of learning, unlearn and relearn. Bits Ladder is expanding its commitment to help professionals to prepare for a successful career path by investing in them by enhancing the learning paradigm as they transition.


  • It prepares participants to get, keep and excel in professional engagements with employability skills, proper mindset, and adequate knowledge.
  • It also helps participants develop good work habits that facilitate their ongoing success
  • Stimulate new thinking about how to create and sustain pathways that connect education and training opportunities to local employer demand.
  • It supports and expands the impact of existing partnerships focused on building pathways connecting education and training to workforce needs.
  • It builds a community of practice that supports and engages those working to advance such pathways.


Besides fixed tracks, we can customize the program reflecting on the organization’s business strategy and the impact the future disruptions in work could make. The program can enhance or redesign the learning and development efforts of an employee to cultivate human capabilities like creativity and critical thinking. Our aim is to assist you to close the gap of employability skills required for future growth.

Some of the proposed tracks are below:

S.N. Themes Date
1 Bridging Leadership and VUCA world Available as per the demand
2 Multiple Dimensions of Leadership Available as per the demand
3 Essence of Fundraising Available as per the demand
4 Emotional Management Skills Available as per the demand
5 Leadership: Understanding Self and Others Available as per the demand
6 Marketing and Branding: Individual, Social and Digital Available as per the demand
7 Forming Team and Sustaining Ownership Available as per the demand
8 System Thinking and Design Thinking Available as per the demand
9 Building Public Narrative Available as per the demand
10 Bringing Data in decision making Available as per the demand
11 Operation Management Available as per the demand
12 Strategic Leadership Available as per the demand