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Employability Camp


If you're willing to meet like-minded people and spend 3 full days working with us, welcome to our bootcamp!

3 full-days of intensive, fun and interactive workshops for job-seekers in an intercultural family: that's BITS Ladder's employment bootcamp!We will work on your career planning, discover your strengths, explore the opportunities of the Nepal job-market and learn more about the Nepal work culture and the practicalities of job-hunting.You'll take part in concrete exercises and webinars, meet and exchange with other job-seekers and join an in-depth workshop on career planning. Networking and Finnish work culture will also be covered.

What will we do?

Day 1 " On the job-market ( Explore Nepal Job Markt ) "

  • Nepal work culture and Nepal job-market
  • Commonality and uniqueness of the organization

Day 2 " About you ( Explore Self)"

  • Self-Hack workshop : life and career planning.
  • Star Team and Star Studded Team

Day 3 "Presenting Self"

  • - Building public Narrative - Story of Self, Story of Us, Story of Now
  • - CV, cover letters, interviews : practicalities of job-hunting

Day 4 "Branding Self"

  • Creating Self brand: Individual, Social and Digital
  • Interviews : Hands On Lab

Day 5 "Practical Engagement"

  • - Project to create and understand the importance of Networking