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My Observation at ILC Birgunj

27 Mar, 2023


Although being in the same district all the 3 schools have very different backgrounds on an operational basis as NSKAB is primary level, MTS is Secondary level and KUKLBSS is the girls school. In the first week, I tried to observe and understand the tradition of teaching practices. Besides that, I also tried to understand the concept and views of different teachers regarding the use of A/V classes where I found the following observations:
Observations in NSKAB:

Observations in MTISSS:

Observations in KUKLBSS

After a week-long observation of the schools it was necessary to carry out a few activities for the betterment of the teaching and learning practices.

It totally depends on teachers and the school management on the use of technology for teaching practices. The schools whose teachers are aware of importance of the computers have surely made an impact in comparison to other schools where teachers resist the change. The overall impact in all the schools is listed below:

Impact on NSKAB

Impact on KUKLBSS

Impact on MTISSS

What could have been done better?

The school's teachers are yet to understand the importance of the opportunity provided as it has come free of cost which has not been producing the results desired. The human nature of “resisting change” of some teachers has prioritized the traditional method of teaching over the A/V medium. On the other hand, those teachers who want to teach through the A/V medium have to face the lack of a proper routine schedule to teach properly. Hence, I recommend asking the schools to set a proper routine at first and follow it in a proper way if a fruitful result is desired.