1. Overview:

The “Smart Learning” is the project initiated by the BITS ladder. The broader objective of the project is to develop a problem-solving attitude in the students and teachers, equip them with knowledge and skills of computer as defined by the curriculum, independent ability to apply technology to learn different subjects/contents, be aware of social and legal responsibility while engaging in ICT and awareness against cybercrime and threat. The intervention focuses on three areas:

  • ICT Mastery of Teachers: The two years of engagement of the public school teachers with an aim to strengthen the competency of teachers in leveraging the ICT tools and application for teaching and learning process in the school. The BITS team will provide the training to teachers daily, monitor and evaluate their progress regularly and be available to support them in groups or 1-1 as per the need. 
  • Education Leadership Training: This engagement is entitled Bits to Bytes which is conducted virtually. The aim is to widen the knowledge of teachers and staff as well as shape the attitude of teachers to conduct the contemporary learning environment for students. 
  • Setup an Infrastructure: Create different labs for contextual innovation. In the first year, we will create a lab – SMART Room. The scheduled engagement, as well as the open causal environment for students, teachers, and school staff, will be created to invest them to understand their academics /non-academic challenges and support them to bring the solution. In second-year students, teachers and school staff will be engaged to leverage their learnings from the first year to effectively execute the two labs as well as create two more labs – Makers Room and STEAM Lab.

2. Objective:

  • Develop a problem-solving attitude in the students and teachers
  • Improve in well being and mental health of participants
  • Student-centered learning 
  • Well equipped knowledge and skills of computer as defined by the curriculum
  • Can apply the technology to learn different subjects/contents
  • Be aware of social and legal responsibility while engaging in ICT
  • Readiness for self and others to protect against cybercrime and threat
  • Design and operate the labs for practical learning
  • Create a Self-sustainable team for smart learning

3. Engagement Methodology

One EdTech Specialist and one EdTech Associate who are placed at the school for two years are responsible to ensure smooth functioning by collaborating with the school head and Cluster Impact Lead. of Bits Ladder. The idea of having two individuals for two full years in the schools is to ensure that the trainers not only execute the classes but also ensure that whatever new curriculum is introduced and implemented actually is sustainable in the long turn reflecting upon the capacity of the school staff and the community. The two years duration gives the team enough community exposure to integrate that into the teaching methodology. They are also responsible for the creation of local products, learning materials using local resources and personnel within the broad overall learning schedule that is prepared.