StuPreneur Conference “Student Entrepreneurship Conference2016”, is an initiative by Bits Ladder International in collaboration with BSCCSIT.COM. This conference focused on providing a platform to the startups/fresh graduates/final-year students who wanted to boost their careers in entrepreneurship. We offered such youths the opportunity to be the entrepreneur by providing the platform on how, where, why and what to start. The conference focused on real-time learning required before and after starting an initiative, from staffing, investment to finance & legal affairs.  The theme of the conference was “How to avoid common mistakes as the first-time founder?

Most of the presenter and facilitator was from growing and established organizations to share about the problem they faced while starting out which can be the a valuable opportunity for the participants who wants to startup on their own. The participants were from Youth/student lead organization,  Entrepreneur, Mentors, Law Firms, Audit & Finance Firms, Placement Institutions, Job Portals and group of Investors, Business Colleges to strengthen the  startup ecosystem through coordination and collaboration.